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Heather Averett

Lighting is my passion.  I began work in the electrical industry in 1992 and have had the opportunity to work on the engineering/specifying and sales side of the industry which has given me a broad view of all necessary elements for a successful lighting design.  


I graduated from the Interior Design program at SLCC in 1998.   I earned my LC in 2011, am an associate member of IALD (International Associations of Lighting Designers) and served as Section President of the Illuminating Engineering Society in Salt Lake City 2017 – 2019.  I feel like I have a depth of experience and knowledge to share.

Outside of work I enjoy crafts, dancing, and taking care of humans, animals, and plants.


Jim Levy

Jim Levy has been in the lighting industry for over 35 years. His knowledge sets him apart in that he can design for a residence or multifamily project but loves a challenge such as a restaurant or climbing gym. Jim’s specialty is energy efficiency in lighting but also educating his peers in the design community with the knowledge he has nurtured. It is his passion to help people understand the importance of lighting design and its effects on humans in all spaces. From an early interest in architecture, to his first job in theatrical lighting, to later serving as an energy efficiency expert for the State of Utah, he is knowledgeable about many areas in the design community. 


Jim works hard to be a good network and friend in his community and help people out as often as possible. You'll often find him helping someone move or making them a loaf of bread and putting in a word when someone is in need of a job.


In his spare time when he's not biking or playing video games with his two boys, he enjoys scuba diving and has recently taken up ukulele.  Currently serving as the District 5 Chair for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). Board Member, IES Orange County, CA; Past Section Vice President, IES Salt Lake City, UT; Past IES Section treasurer, Sacramento CA. NCQLP Lighting Certified (LC) and Partner/Principle at Uplight Electrical Engineering for the past 17 years

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