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Projects done while working at RMCE


Projects done while working at RMCE

What We Do

What does a lighting designer do?  In short, we provide a lighting plan including layout and specification for building design and function.  What does this entail?  Choosing the RIGHT lighting which will enhance the space, highlight the architecture, use layers of light to create a warm inviting environment.  We will consider the color, intensity, distribution, and movement and budget in our fixture choices.  We will endeavor to balance ambient, accent and task lighting.  We will understand how the space will be utilized by the occupants, the age of the occupants, the colors of finishes, ceiling heights, natural light, and level of control which will be most effective.

fIxture specifications

Selecting the fixture which fits the architectural space.  Keeping in mind color temperature, output, form, cost and control requirements.


Following the latest codes, we can ensure the project will conform with controls and energy requirements.


Simple manual dimming and switching to fully automated with remote accessibility.  Choosing the controls that best suit the owner and end user.


When a project requires light levels to be measured early in the project design, we can create a point by point reading of footcandle levels.


Creating a visual representation of lighting patterns in the project.


Verifying fixtures are aimed correctly, functioning properly, and controlled as outlined in design documents.


Projects done while working at RMCE

Projects done while working at RMCE

The Village Apartments
Tsunami (Restaurant) 2.jpg
Tsunami Restaurant

Projects done while working at RMCE


Projects done while working at RMCE

Lehi Fire Station
Riverton Harmons (Retail).jpg
Riverton Harmons

Projects done while working at RMCE

Flying Lanterns

"when you light a candle, you also cast a shadow."

Ursula K. Le Guin

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